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San Francisco

"San Francisco is as famous for its restaurants and food trends as it is for its Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars."

                                         - SF Travel


Cellarmaker House

of Pizza

Good pizza, good beer

What do you get when you cross the best brewery in San Francisco and unbelievably delicious Detroit-style square pizza? Cellarmaker does not disappoint. 

Trick Dog

Experimental cocktails

With a rotating menu of creative menus and even more creative drinks, Trick Dog is an absolute must for anyone visiting San Francisco. It's often very crowded, so try visiting during non-peak hours.


Romantic dinner

Michelin star dining that doesn't take itself too seriously and isn't so experimental that it's too sophisticated for your everyman's palate. Just damn good food.

Tartine Manufactory

Artisan breads and bites

Known for their baked goods and breakfast foods, however I would not overlook their very solid dinner menu as well as their cocktail offering. Try seating at the bar so you don't get stuck waiting for hours.


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